Weeks 5 and 6: Oven Ribs, Blackberry / Blueberry Paleo Pie, Mexican Breakfast Casserole

Whew! What a crazy past couple weeks. Here is the week 5 and 6 summaries.

I made delicous ribs in the oven. the OVEN! I always thought that great ribs were only created on the grill (after boiling on the stove) or in a cast iron Dutch oven with hot coals (typically while camping). The recipe I followed can be found here. The first time I made these ribs I placed then under the broiler after placing the BBQ sauce on, and forgot to keep my eye on them. I burned them to a crisp (don’t worry the ribs were delicious and fell right off the bone after I scrapped off of the burnt sauce). The pictures below are from attempt #2 which I served with roasted asparagus and baked sweet potatoes. It was a big hit! I have received many requests to make this one of the staples in our meal rotation. I highly recommend this recipe!


Next up, my amazing friend asked me if I was interested in attempting to make a paleo pie for Easter get togethers. I could not resist! I have never made a pie, I suck at baking, but I vowed to try new recipes this year and with my best friend who was born a baker I could I turn such a great offer down. We created a paleo crust using tapioca flour and almond meal and it was filled with blackberries and blueberries that were tossed with lemon juice and zest, honey, and agave nectar. The recipe is here.  So making a pie was not as terrible as I thought it was going to be (and with my trusty baking friend by my side it was easy!). The paleo dough was very finicky but patience and rolling the dough on parchment paper to transfer to the pie dish was the trick. As the recipe states the pie is good day 1, but day 2, O.M.G. Day 2 it was delicious. I received many compliments at Easter. The pies we made are pictured below.



And last but not least, the Mexican Breakfast casserole. I was asked to bring a egg casserole for Easter Brunch that had my cooking flair. This casserole did not dissappoint! The recipe is here. This recipe was super simple and allowed me to use left over tortillas I had from fajitas earlier in the week. I made the recipe as stated except the only thing I changed was I placed sliced fresh avocado on the top of the casserole after it was done baking. The casserole is layered like a lasagna but cooked up to a delicious cohesive dish. Unfortunately I did not take a picture of the dish after it was cooked because it was time to eat right after. The group reviews were all positive for the dish (even from people who typically prefer more mild food favors). Here is a photo of the dish before it went into the oven.


Until next week, more cooking adventures await!


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