Weeks 13, 14, and 15: Grilled Veggies and Fruit, “Lime” Smoothie, Bison Burgers, Potato Salad

The past few weeks I have not been real adventurous when it comes to “new” recipes as I have been trying to eat down the food in my freezer and not go grocery shopping. However, I did get a little adventurous with my use of the grill.

In the past week or so, I have grilled eggplant (delicious), zucchini (great), peaches (amazing), and pears (meh). I lightly oiled the vegetables and sprinkled with salt prior to placing them on the grill; I left the fruit plain. The eggplant was cut into 0.5″ slices. The zucchini was cut in half length wise. The peaches were halved and the pits removed. The pears were quartered and the core removed. The fruits and vegetables were grilled 3-4 minutes per side.The fruit was grilled skin side down first. Everything turned out really good, the flavor from the grill was really different than the fresh items. The peaches and bison burger combination was probably the most  winning combination of flavors. The pears turned out okay but I am not  giving up hope on them. I think the pears that I grilled were a little on the under ripe side so they had a bit more crunch to them than I would have preferred. I only have a picture of the eggplant, but I assure you the other items looked just as beautiful!



Smoothies are turning into my guilty pleasure food when I don’t want to “cook” and I would love nothing more than eat a pint of ice cream for a meal. This week I tried this key lime pie shake. It turned out not very limey, which is sad because I quite enjoy limes. I did not add the maple syrup because I didn’t want to make it sweet, and I did not add the yogurt because I forgot to buy it at the store. Additionally, I did not use key lime because I could only find regular limes at the store. I will probably attempt this recipe again once I find some key limes.

Ingredients ▪ 2 Tbs Collagen Protein Powder ▪  1 cup milk ▪  1 frozen banana ▪  1 Tbs key lime juice ▪  Zest of one key lime ▪  1/2 teaspoon maple syrup ▪  1 cup ice cubes ▪ 2 slices avocado ▪  1 Tbs nonfat plain Greek yogurt

Instructions ▪ Blend all ingredients together.



Oh delicious bison, you have replaced beef burgers as my burger of choice. The bison burgers had a delicious flavor and moistness that was perfect. This was my first attempt at making a bison burger and it turned out rather good. I combined the following ingredients and then formed 3 patties. The burgers were sprayed with pam before being placed on the grill. The burgers were grilled 4 ish minutes per side. We prefer medium rare burgers and in the future we will probably grill the burgers 3 minutes per side. I didn’t get a photo of the burgers before we devoured them.

Ingredients ▪ 12 oz ground bison ▪ 1/2 cup panko bread crumbs ▪ 1 egg▪ 3 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce ▪ 1 pinch granulated garlic ▪ 1 pinch ground black pepper ▪  2 tablespoons of BBQ mustard marinade / sauce


This summer I am on a quest to create an amazing potato salad recipe. I cannot find the original recipe I started with this weekend but it morphed over the weekend so it doesn’t really matter what the recipe was. I started by chopping 4 red potatoes and boiling them 25-30 minutes until they were soft. I then let the potatoes cool for ~20 minutes before adding 2 diced hard boiled eggs, mayonnaise, 1 small diced yellow onion, salt, a dash of paprika, and ~1 teaspoon of dry yellow mustard. The next morning the potato salad tasted like mayonnaise and eggs. So I added some celery salt, Dijon mustard, and 1 chopped dill pickle. After letting it sit in the refrigerator until dinner time, the flavors melded together into something that tasted like a decent potato salad. It was definitively a great first attempt however it didn’t knock our socks off; and I am on a mission to make a show-stopping potato salad.


Until next week, more cooking adventures await!




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